University of Kentucky

University of Kentucky school-sponsored Student Health Insurance

Frequently Asked Questions

Students eligible to purchase this plan fit into one of 4 enrollment categories. Select your enrollment category for Frequently Asked Questions specific to you.

NOTE: These FAQs are intended to assist you in seeking additional information but does not replace information found in the plan brochure and policy. Always refer to the policy, available on this website, for the most detail available. If you have any questions contact (855) 247-2273.

Funded Graduate*
Enrollment Group
International & ESL**
Enrollment Group
(Automatic & Mandatory)
1) Enrolled in the Graduate School
2) Degree-seeking
3) Maintaining a full-time assistantship (20+ hours) or institutional fellowship ($9,000 per year) through the UK payroll

*Only the Graduate School can verify eligibility for fully-funded status.
1) NOT Funded Graduate students
2) Enrolled in a class at UK
3) J1, J2 or F1 visa holders

**Insurance is also mandatory for visiting dependents.
Enrollment Group
(Purchase Online)
Visiting Scholars
Enrollment Group
(Purchase Online & Mandatory)
1) NOT Funded Graduate students or International students
2) Either undergraduate, non-funded graduate, professional, or BCTC students
Visiting J-scholar